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Lic #283008478

Little Oak Nursery School Personnel


The staff at Little Oak Nursery School is carefully selected to ensure that the licensing standards are met, and that the educational and philosophical background of the staff member meets the needs of the children and the facility. All staff will have appropriate Early Childhood Education training.

Heather Savage

Head Teacher

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Our Program

  • Play based program with hands on learning

  • Mixed age groups

  • Organic snacks

  • Low teacher-child ratios

  • Maximum of 18 children a day

  • Pre-K Program/Kindergarten Readiness

Philosophy & Mission

Little Oak Nursery (Preschool) School will provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for all children. We believe in building successes of young children, and we recognize the uniqueness of each child. The program is a developmentally appropriate play-based program that emphasizes social development and hands on learning. Children at Little Oak Nursery School will be provided with many opportunities for exploration and hands on experiences and they will gain skills and knowledge to make their own choices and become an active member within a group. Parents and teachers will work together to build a strong relationship between the families and the school.

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