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“Little Oak was the best experience for my son. He started attending 2 days/week shortly before his 3rd birthday, and he was practically begging me to let him go 4 days/ week before his Pre-K year. The teachers are very nurturing, and they take an interest in the whole child.  The activities are age-appropriate; children think they are just playing, but the skilled teachers are very intentional about the academic and educational focus ( for example, music time for rhythm and vocabulary building, motor skill activities designed to look like “games”, and free-play time in which teachers gently guide all students toward social skill competence). The first day of elementary school, my son skipped right into his classroom—confident, happy, and prepared. Thanks, Little Oak!”

Conner's Mom

My daughter spent 3 amazing years at Little Oak. She loved every minute of it. Not only did she have fun and make friends in a nurturing environment, she learned a LOT. She was so ready and prepared for kindergarten- their pre-k program is the best! Love. This. Preschool.


“Both my kids (now in grades K and 2) had wonderful experiences at Little Oak and think back on their time there with great nostalgia. The program is great because the kids are loved there, and that makes all the difference. The teachers are fantastic, and a 1:6 ratio ensures no one goes unnoticed. An under-advertised perk is that kids can begin BEFORE they are potty trained. And while pre-K kids spend some time alone learning grade school skills, the rest of the days are spent with ages 2-5 all together, which is excellent for siblings. It also helps build community and empathy, with bigger kids recognizing their ability to help younger ones, and younger ones learning from the example of the older kids. The sense of community Little Oak offered for my kids (and for me!) has been a real treasure. I’ve met some pretty great people because of our connection at Little Oak! It’s my favorite education decision to date.


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