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For More Information on our Policies, download the parent handbook.

The parent and child must visit the school before enrollment can be completed. It is important for the parents and child to have the opportunity to evaluate the school program and the director by means of an interview process to ensure that the school meets the particular needs of each family. Little Oak Nursery School will also evaluate the needs of your child and make sure that we can accommodate his/her needs.

If enrollment is jointly agreed upon, the parent must fill out and return to the school the following forms as required by state law, so that enrollment can begin. The school will provide these forms.

  1. ID and Emergency Information

  2. Preadmission Health History

  3. Physicians Report (to be completed by the child’s doctor)

  4. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

  5. Signed and dated Admission Agreement

  6. Parent’s Rights

  7. Personal Rights

*A copy of the child’s up to date immunization record is also required for enrollment. Please note that specific immunizations are required by the state of California for preschool admission. Please contact the director for more information.

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